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Summer Motivation

Summer Motivation

Summer motivation

picture of fireworksHas it been difficult to get back to work after the holidays? Do you feel distracted by the joys of summer? The key is to stay focused and keep doing the things that make you successful. If you take a week off it will take about as long to get fully engaged when you get back to work. If you take two weeks the same will be true. When you come to
understand this you can be effective in dealing with the effects of taking time off.

It’s important to take time for yourself to clear your mind, become more open to new ideas and to think more openly about how you and your organization can be more effective. How often have some of your best ideas come when you are on vacation or just recently back to work? When these new thoughts come to the surface it is important to take
action and to implement your ideas.

Some people get stagnant or do less because they convince themselves that their customers are not as open to working with them or making buying decision during certain times of the year. Don’ be fooled or allow yourself or your people to “dial it back”. This is the time to step on the gas. Increase your activities and increase your goals. Create a culture of higher key performance indicators and track them accordingly.

This is a time to be more aggressive and to take advantage of your competition holding back. Build your business when others are not, innovate new products or services, hold your team and yourself accountable, and enjoy the weekends.

If you need help with planning, accountability, implementation, or establishing “KPI’s, Give us a call at Lighthouse Strategic Partners, LLC and we will help you excel even in the good weather.

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