Lighthouse Strategic Partners

Sales Training

12 week program for one hour per week.  This sales training, coaching, and consulting provides people with a clear and compelling return on their investment. This program will help you feel better about selling by making it more natural and authentic. It will help you enjoy your work again, while making more money with less stress.  This program can be customized.


  • Meeting #1 – Why and How People Buy
  • Meeting #2 – The Seven Rules of Connecting with the Prospect
  • Meeting #3 – Questions that qualify whether the opportunity is real
  • Meeting #4 – Engage the prospect in designing a solution that they will buy
  • Meeting #5 – Be authentic and on an equal footing/the quid pro quo
  • Meeting #6 – Referral and relationship basic selling
  • Meeting #7 – The seven best closes and when to use them,
  • Meeting #8 – Handling objections
  • Meeting #9 – Define your sales process and position the prospect
  • Meeting#10 – Setting sales goals and following up with business development
  • Meeting #11 – Limited perceptions and selling success
  • Meeting #12 – Dealing with prospects who cannot decide

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