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Customer Service

Customer Service

What makes great customer service? How do you define it in your business? Do you out-perform your competition? If you can’t answer these questions you should talk to a Business Coach. Your whole team needs to understand these concepts and be working together to give your customers what they expect.

What is a “wow” experience? Are customers saying “that was the best meal I ever had”, or that the person on the other end of the line “was more helpful then I expected” or “The person behind the counter really made me feel special.” Do you think this just happens? How much money do you think Disney world puts into training? How much do you put into training? Do you train your staff once or are you doing it over and over repeatedly until you see results?

In any practice it is important to create repeatable results. How many shots did Michael Jordan take, how many slap shots did the great Wayne Gretzky take, how many balls does Tom Brady throw before games every season. To become good at something you need to practice. To become great at something you need to practice a lot.

Do you want your company to give good service or great service? To be great, one should practice, train, role play and focus on best practices. Always be striving for continuous improvement, and hire the best people you can find with the best attitudes and train them well. Often it will start with some kicking and screaming, but once they get use to it, and the culture begins to change, you should see a difference in how your customers react to your business.

Last, survey the heck out of them and always be asking for feedback on how you could be doing things better. Add these principles and practices to your business and you should see your profits soar.

This is not easy, so if you need help in devising training programs and implementing them to get your team on board, call Lighthouse Strategic Partners at 508-946-2655 and bring in the experts to help you bring your business from good to great!

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