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Family Business is as rewarding as it is challenging. When there is proper structure, a succession plan, communication, and common vision and goals, the business is more apt to thrive into the next generation.  When Lighthouse first engages with a family business, the family members and team members begin with thorough assessments to help them be aware of how and why they act and behave within the organization.  By being aware of these behaviors, we can help them to improve communication as well as their bottom line performance.  Next we develop and document clear roles and responsibilities and create accountability for each team member.

Completing their organizational charts defines clear roles and responsibilities as well as reporting structure within the business.  Included in our coaching is the development of goals, both individually and for the company and once we understand these goals, we put the ownership, the family, and the team members through a comprehensive team alignment.  This gets everyone on the same page and committed to the business’ success.

By applying our framework, together we build and develop systems, business mastery, marketing expertise and vision.

80% of Lighthouse clients are family businesses. Lighthouse coaches have all worked in family business and understand the successes and challenges that family businesses bring.

Family Business

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