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After growing our business for twenty years we found ourselves flat. Motivation was low, our employee’s performance was lackluster, and I found myself uninspired and overwhelmed by underperformance. I was reluctant to ask for help because business was my major in college and I thought I could correct it.

When I finally asked Kevin to come on board I felt there was someone in my corner that understood what I was going through. We evaluated employee’s personality profiles, focused on key financials and took a truthful look at our business. We also attacked behavioral issues with the staff and set up an “above and below the line” mentality for everyone to live by.

Six months later I have less staff, I am much happier with our company performance and attitudes, we have more R&D money for new projects and I am reenergized in the business.

Dana S.


Dear Valerie, I wanted to thank you for working with me over the past several months.  Your assistance has been invaluable as I work to grow my law practice.  I have always spent a great deal of time staying current with the many legal issues that my clients face on a daily basis.  What I have not spent a great deal of time doing is marketing my practice and making sure that I continue to attract and grow clients that are necessary for me to reach my financial goals.

Your assistance has been instrumental in working to set up a variety of different referral sources for my law practice.  Any business owner, including a lawyer, cannot rely on a single source for new clients.  You have helped me put in place several different systems for generating client that will be beneficial long into the future.  In addition, you have given me valuable assistance in setting up a test and measure system to determine which client generating systems should be continued and which should be abandoned.  I look forward to working with you as I continue to grow and face other challenges with my law practice.

George Boerger
Boerger Law



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