Lighthouse Strategic Partners


Business Coaching

You may wonder if Business Coaching is synonymous to Executive Advising for business owners. In many ways yes, but in Business Coaching we look to provide a broader range of topics that our client partners need to consider as they grow their businesses. This offering is less about professional growth and development and more about business growth and development, though without the personal growth aspect the business growth aspect will not flourish. Click on the Business Coaching heading for more information.

Executive Coaching

Our programs also apply to executives who have already achieved a high level of success and wish to either “round out” their experience or have a love of learning and achievement and are open to new ideas and techniques. Click on the Executive Coaching heading for more information.

Leadership Training

What differentiates us from other Leadership Training Programs? Measureable results. Our program is a results based approach which is measured not only by the individual’s professional growth and personal assessment, but also by their managers, peers and subordinates. If you would like to be getting 30% more from your employees, we would love to show you how to achieve and quantify that with our program. Click on the Leadership Training heading for more information.

Sales Training

12 week program for one hour per week.  This sales training, coaching, and consulting provides people with a clear and compelling return on their investment. This program will help you feel better about selling by making it more natural and authentic. It will help you enjoy your work again, while making more money with less stress.  This program can be customized.

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