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Increase Sales Revenue through improved conversion rates.

Increase Sales Revenue through improved conversion rates.

How to Increase Sales Revenue

Good Sales TrendOne of the fastest ways to Increase Sales Revenue is to double your conversion rate. Most business owners and salespeople talk about needing more customers, but that is the result of the number of leads that you actually convert to customers. When we work with new businesses, and the goal is to Increase Sales Revenues, the first thing we focus on is identifying  what the company “thinks” is the current conversion rate, then we measure it as a percentage to see what it actually is. We then put strategies into place to improve the conversion rate and grow sales. When something is measured, it almost always improves immediately.  When you start to measure conversion rates, your sales force will start to improve their behaviors and actions to increase the conversion rate – which means a higher closure rate and Increased Sales Revenues.

How to Close More Sales

sales targetWhat can companies do to improve their conversion rates? The simplest and easiest thing is to determine what your best salespeople are saying when they are closing clients or customers. Take that language and script it so that you can train your other salespeople to use the same language. Scripts don’t need to be word for word but more of a process or points that your best salespeople use to either find the pain or to get the customer interested enough to help them make an informed decision to buy from you. By using scripts you can train existing salespeople and new salespeople to improve their conversion rates immediately. This is also be known as “best practices” or best techniques to help customers buy while improving your bottom line and your top line revenue at the same time.

    Marketing Strategies that work

Measure SuccessAnother technique to Increase Sales Revenue and improve conversion rates is to create a marketing system that starts with a small offer, a free estimate, a small special, or something free, to get them to entertain meeting with you to see what you have offer.  Or you could develop a multistep sales process that develops trust over time. The key is to identify a method, implement it … then measure the results.

Start to think of ways to improve your conversion rate today.  Your business will Increase Sales Revenue, grow to new heights and experience new profitability.

 Successful Strategies to Increase Sales Revenue

If you want to develop successful strategies to Increase Sales Revenue and improve your conversion rate, then contact Lighthouse Strategic Partners and we will help you to develop a strategy for implementing and improving these metrics. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it! Call today at 508-946-2655 or you can e-mail us at

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