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Accountability – How to Improve your businesses performance

Accountability – How to Improve your businesses performance

Accountability is the means by which a business gets a grip on results. Why?  It closes the gap between intention and action. Most people have great intentions of what and how they would like to perform in business, but often don’t take the actions necessary to get the results they are looking for.

Accountability is the foundation of an ethical and successful business culture. If accountability is present throughout a company – and all employees are held to that standard, then the performance within the company is much stronger. If you want different actions, create an environment where empowered employees are accountable and their actions will result in different consequences. Accountable people are aware of the positive and negative consequences of their actions.  This will help the organization create a structure that gets everybody on the same page.

Who in your company will ensure that the necessary steps are taken for developing an environment of accountability and empowerment ? Especially if management  struggles with the concepts!

It’s often suggested to go outside of the company and find a strong advisor or business coach to work with the management team. If it is a family business, the family may need an advisor or business coach to create structured accountability, so that family members and employees can perform at a higher level without the concerns that are inherent to a family business.

Accountability and empowerment are inseparable. As people become more accountable, they become much more empowered.

Finally, accountability is a promise and an obligation both to you and the people around you to deliver specific defined results. For most organizations, once accountability is introduced and people are held to higher standards, the organization has a significant increase in performance and the standards of all involved begin to improve.

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