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Increase your “Average dollar sales”

Increase your “Average dollar sales”

Good Sales TrendWhat is the average dollar sale or the money that each of your customers spend with you every time they buy?  Is it $5, $50, $500, … $ 5000 … $50,000 … more? It really depends on the nature of your business and what they are buying. I always ask my clients to count each transaction, and calculate the average of all their sales to determine what each customer spends. Then I ask “For all the people who contact you, come into your store, or call you on the phone; what strategies could you be using to get them to buy more from your business?”.

I’m not promoting upselling – I am promoting education. Do you think your customer knows everything that you have to offer? Most businesses think that their customers understand everything they provide and offer but if you do a survey chances are they know about 50-70% maximum of what you offer. They need to be educated on the other 30-50%. If you are adding new products, new services, or expanding your product lines, how would your customer know unless you have specific ways to educate them? If your service is outstanding, your products are wonderful and your quality is excellent – why wouldn’t your customers want to buy more from you?

sales trainingThe key is to pick strategies that work for your type of business, train your sales force, and create marketing collateral that helps your customers  know everything you sell and  gives them reasons and opportunities to buy more from you. We’ve all learned from a simple scripting strategy by one of the premier marketers of our time. With simple scripts – ” would you like to supersize that order”  or “would you like fries with that” – these businesses improved sales in the order of  $1 million per day by simply asking their existing customers to buy more products from them when they were in the act of buying. What lessons can be learned from this simple strategy, and what strategies could you implement in your business that are simple but well thought out that would help your customers decide to buy more from you every time they “are in the act of buying” from your business?

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