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Are you in the ZONE?

Are you in the ZONE?










Are you in the Zone?

Stephen Covey’s Time Management Grid is a great tool for organizing your priorities.

Quadrant I –     the work of your day that is immediate and necessary
Quadrant II – long term strategizing and development (the ZONE)
Quadrant III – time pressured distractions (others may control your time here)
Quadrant IV – activities that provide little value (water cooler talk)

According to Stephen Covey, most people find they spend time in Quadrants I and III. Quadrant II is often ignored. Yet Quadrant II is important as one must work in this quadrant to reach long term goals. The idea is to expand Quadrant II activities.

Lighthouse Strategic Partners is a Business Coaching Firm that provides business owners with an opportunity to step outside of their business and into Quadrant II. Take a half day away from your business and look at your 5yr/3yr/1yr plan then choose strategies and tactics to plan for profit for the next 90 days. Our next planning day is:

Friday January 5, 2018
12 noon – 5pm – Investment $150  Start off 2018 with a plan for profit!

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