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Get the Right Person in the Right Seat! Some hints when interviewing new prospects:

Get the Right Person in the Right Seat! Some hints when interviewing new prospects:

Hint # 1. Have a process – Use a group or individual interview depending on the level of the position.

Hint # 2. When you narrow your choices down to 2 or 3 candidates, consider using a job matching assessment to help with your decisions and to help you with thought-provoking questions at the interview. DISC is a quick, inexpensive, and pretty accurate general assessment. Something like Profiles XT is more in-depth and expensive but well worth it if hiring for a high-level position as it unveils Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits, as well as Interests.

Hint # 3. Ask questions that unveil core values– some examples:
Using an assessment like Profiles XT actually gives you sample questions to match the prospects challenging areas. The below prospect had some challenges with manageability, a behavioral trait. Some of the questions suggested in the Profiles XT are shown below:

  • Describe the results of a past conflict with a supervisor. How did it
    happen, whose fault was it and how was it resolved?
  • How do you react when a supervisor requires you to do something that is
    not in line with your personal goals and objectives?
  • In your own words, what is the role of management?
  • Tell me about a situation when you had to follow a rule or policy even
    though it kept you from getting the job done.
  • Make sure you use an expert to help you with assessments. Lighthouse is
    trained to use the DISC and Profiles XT.

Hint # 4. Listen actively – as the interviewer, there is a tendency to talk too much…have the prospect talk as much as possible to enable you to get to know them and how they think.

Hint # 5. Include a test run – If you ask for proficiency in excel or word, have them show you what they know by sitting them down in front of a computer.

Hint # 6. If needed, run background checks, check Facebook pages, get references, etc. The more information you can gain through an interview, the better decision you can make and a higher percentage of success in getting the right person for the right job. Hiring and training are expensive. Make it work for you!


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