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Imagine the Possibilities…

Imagine the Possibilities…

A few years back, Bill Maher was interviewing Jay-Z and at that time, the rapper/entrepreneur was worth some $500,000,000. Today, his net worth is an estimated $810,000,000.  His philosophy of success? You will never “make it” without imagining yourself deserving it and believing yourself to be great.  It starts with that.

Some call them affirmations, some call them Visualizations, whatever your term for it, Jack Canfield had a great exercise to help you with this.  Jot down 20 “I am” statements that reflect your goals (these can be about 5-10 years out) and repeat them for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening as if you already have them.  This is setting your reticular activating system which is the part of your brain, that once you have set your sights to a goal, your brain automatically recognizes the choices you need to make to reach those goals.  If you are diligent with this exercise, you will begin to feel and act like the person of your “I am” statements.

And you will become what you imagined. Imagine the possibilities.

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