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Kevin Glynn
September 20, 2013

The Red Sox are about to clench a playoff spot. What a difference a year can make for a team! What are the lessons that can be learned from looking at the dynamics of a winning team “this year” to a losing team “last year”?

The first change is strong leadership. With the right leader, “manager”, it all starts at the top! Every year, every team begins with the goal of winning a championship. But assembling a team that shows respect and trusts one another is enormous. Second, is having fun along the way. How about those beards? Every game, another player seems to pick up the team and come through with a big game. Are there people in your business who make major contributions when it’s needed, or asked for?

Not everyone needs to be an “all star”, but they do have to give 100%, and show up every day. As in sports, everyone wins as a team, and no one can win on their own. If players don’t want to be there, they are like weeds in a garden. They will kill the healthy plants around them. It is hard to see because it happens in the ground where it is not visible (somewhat like chicken and beer in the clubhouse during the game). Weeds have to be removed so the healthy plans can grow. Support risk taking and create a learning environment so that the business can excel. Strive for continuous improvement so your customers can be WOWED with everything you do, and you will develop a company that that will be the envy of your industry.

Don’t be afraid to be great, build the best team you can, and provide your customers an incredible experience. Tell your story, be an outstanding leader, and drive bottom line profits.  Do these things and win the “division” you play in. What a difference a year can make! Go Sox!!!

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