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Quick Time Study

Quick Time Study

Kevin Glynn
September 25, 2013

How often do you hear people say that they don’t have enough time to get everything done. In this new world of Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops we are always connected. We are all busy in our jobs and if you are, be grateful. Because if you aren’t busy, your job could be up for elimination.

Time management is really a process of self-management. How well do you manage yourself and the most important things you need to get done. How easy is it for you to let yourself off the hook about getting things done.

The first step in evaluating how you use your time is, writing it down. What if every day you started to track how many hours that day you spent on what activities. For example I spend two hours talking to customers to get them to say yes. Or I spent an hour and a half at networking events. Or I spent three hours in management meetings.

What if you were to do this for two weeks, and be honest with yourself. Do you think that some activities would stand out as a questionable use of your time? What results is a gap analysis of the things you have to do vs. the things that seem to be important but are not.

I once had a client who would get into several conversations a day that did not contribute to the business.  At the same time, he would complain that he never had time to get everything done. We decided to limit any conversations he had to five minutes. He estimated that he picked up two hours a day in his business.

So, look where you spend your time, write it down for two weeks, and evaluate what could be eliminated. Do it and get control of your time and your life!

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