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Leadership With Proven Results

Leadership With Proven Results

Kevin Glynn
September 11, 2013

Good businesses are constantly promoting up-and-coming employees. They are promoted because they have done a good job and look like they can handle more. The question is how will they be trained? In a world where businesses have cut down on internal training but still need their high potentials to be trained in creating a path to future growth, a plateau effect can result.

Most companies must develop their future leaders. The stronger the pool of good future leaders becomes, the more predictable future success for the company.  A secondary effect is that employees who see their company investing in their future success can help morale improve for everyone around them.

Training is a process and learning new behaviors and having them stick takes time and cannot be accomplished in a weekend seminar. That is why the Lighthouse Strategic Partners program “Elevate you leaders” is a 12 month training which includes 12 half day sessions of ongoing learning that can be implemented in the workplace every month.  The learning is done in the class and there is no homework other than to implement what you’ve learned every month back at work.

The results are significant, and everyone you touch can see the success back on the job.  The improvements can be measured, and often the companies we work with end up sending additional employees to other sessions based on the progress they see in the first few employees who attend the program. Our groups are capped at 12 participants so that learning is maximized.

To learn more about how this program works and if it is right for you or your employees give us a call. Our next class begins Wednesday October 16th. We have only a few openings left so call today! The sooner you get started the sooner you will begin to see better results from your key performers. “Elevate Your Leaders” now.

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