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Successful sales

Successful sales

Valerie Glynn
October 1, 2013

Like any test we take, talent we improve, sport we practice, sales training, study and preparation is critical to improving one’s success when it comes to sales. Steps to successful sales? There are many and here are a few.

1. Have a sales process

Define your sales process up front when meeting with a prospect or modify it to the prospects needs. Get them to agree on a process.

2. Have Integrity

Do what you say you will do.  If you say you will send a quote over in 24 hours and then you send it a week later, what does that say about trusting you to do what you say you will? People buy from those they trust.

3. Your sales process should include open ended and active inquiry questions, those that uncover the pain, how big the problem is, the budget they have to address the problem.  Who are the decision makers (you should be meeting with all by the second meeting, if not the first) and what is their pain?  What is the timeline for the purchase.  What would it mean to the company and them personally to solve the problem?

4. Shut up and listen.

5. Test their needs with a “what if” scenario.  “What if I could show you a solution to your problem, what would that be worth to you?”

6. Find the solution, or solutions – or a solution that fits.

7. Get the prospects approval. This includes overcoming objections…some are real and some are   fictitious and they really don’t want to buy.  That’s Great!  Getting a quick “no” is a good thing.  It is better to get a “no” than a “maybe I will think about it and get back to you” or “I need more time, information, etc.”  It allows the sales person to find out quickly that there is no match and to move on to another prospect. You want to get those 10 “no’s” to get to a “YES!”

8. If the objections are real and you uncover and overcome to them, ask the sale.  Then ask for a referral.  And now is the time to start the ongoing relationship.  Follow up in a timeframe that is appropriate to your industry, at least every 90 days.  Introduce new products, send out a survey to check your company’s performance, continue to give value throughout the relationship. Some sales people see the sale as the end of the process.  It is just the beginning. Chasing the money does not produce the results for long term sales success.

9. Be yourself.  There is no magic script to getting results, but there is one that suits you. Think of the prospect, not yourself. Be genuine.


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