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Now that you have written goals for the next quarter (if you have attended our quarterly planning day), what is the next step?  It’s the step that most business owners don’t take.


  1. Look at each goal with a calendar in front of you  (one those large desk calendars are great!) and plot out when each goal is to be completed and work backward.  This is done better in a team situation so that team members are involved and part of accomplishing the goals. Take care to assign tasks to team members. This will actually be pretty easy as they get excited with the process and will probably volunteer for the responsibility. Even better!
  2. It is great to have the “who” will do it, but you need a timeline to attach to the tasks.  Work backward again and put a name to the task and the time it is to be achieved.
  3. Now work back from there and put into the calendar the reminder when the work is to be achieved in the prior week.  This is your responsibility to hold the team accountable.
  4. Or, hire a coach.


Do you fall off at the first step, second, third?  If it is the 4th step you need help with,

Or any of the above, call Lighthouse Strategic Partners at 508-946-2655.

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