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Six Principles to Achieving a Winning Team

Six Principles to Achieving a Winning Team

On July 14, 2017,  Lighthouse Business Coaching is running a half day seminar with a focus on leadership and how to get the most out of your organization. We begin by discussing the value of strong leadership. For example, leadership is about painting a current picture of the future in the form of vision. The leader must then be able to share that vision with the team. The team must clearly understand where the leader is going and what it would take to accomplish the vision.

Next we discuss the value of a common goal, in all goal setting we encourage the use of smart goals. Smart goals are Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Timely. Specific means to be very detailed and what you want to accomplish…the more clearly defined, the easier it is to attain. Measurable is about quantifying the goal you set.  Realistic means knowing that it is something that you can actually attain. Timely infers that you need to set a period of time in which you can actually make your goal. We look at five-year goals…those on the horizon; three year goals which help set your direction; one year goals which you should write down and keep with you at all times. In order to get to your yearly goals we train business owners to develop quarterly plans that keep them focused.

That brings us to a plan.  With a quarterly plan, goals and tasks are broken down into steps and tasks and who does what by when.

Next, the team needs to know the rules of engagement in your business, and what is the culture in the business to define employees’ actions.

We cover the value of taking risks and the value to both the employee and the business to learn from both successes and mistakes.

Finally we train on what the value of 100% commitment by the whole company means, and the value it can have to improving the bottom line, “profits”.

If you would like to learn how to create a winning team, give us a call at 508-946-2655 at Lighthouse Business Coaching today, better yet, come to the Quarterly Planning Day on July 14.  You can sign up at

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