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Finding and Keeping Good Employees

Finding and Keeping Good Employees

Most business owners call us when they feel worn down, they are working too hard, and are not having fun any more. Many times it’s because they are not as profitable as they would like to be based on the effort they put in, and often it is because they are having a hard time getting their employees to do the right things.

When we engage with a company that has these concerns, we have our four-step process to help correct the situation.

First, we provide employee behavioral assessments to see how the ownership, management, and employees are working together. We use a tool called the “Profiles XT™ “ to look at Job matching and evaluate if people are in the right positions based on their interest and capabilities.

Next, we help them create an organizational chart and develop position contracts to give everyone an understanding of where they fit in the company, what is expected, and what responsibilities they own.

Proper training is necessary to assure that the employee is performing to the company standards. A Lighthouse Coach can help with a system of training that once written down can be used over and over again. Lighthouse is a pre-approved provider for training programs in the Express program of Massachusetts Workforce Training Grants. A five minute application form and a couple weeks for a review process is required to be approved for funding that will cover an appreciable amount of training expense.

Once an employee knows where they fit in the company, what their responsibilities are, and they are well trained to perform to the company standards, communication through ongoing evaluations offers an opportunity for coaching the employee to success.

If you are looking to regain control of your business or would just like your team to have a better understanding of how the business works and their roles in contributing to the bottom line, give us a call at 508-946-2655.


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