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Sales Process

Sales Process

The Sales Process

moneyDeveloping a clearly defined sales process is the key component to successful sales in your business. If you were to hire a salesperson, could you show them  your sales process? How successful would they be in implementing your best practices and ramping up their sales numbers in a reasonable amount of time? If you can’t answer these questions, you should call us today.

We help companies document their processes simply and easily. We look at your organization, identifying opportunities to improve efficiencies and enhance customer service.  If all your sales people followed the same process, you could start to predict or forecast the success of your sales people and your company. A systemized sales process is also a powerful tool for training both existing, new, and future sales people. Develop this process and you can use it forever.

documentMost companies don’t have a documented process because they don’t recognize sales as a system. They think it is a talent that people are born with or learn, and they rely solely on the salesperson to grow their business. Training is performed with the right questions to pose, multiple closing techniques, personality profiling, and understanding behavior, all of which we address at Lighthouse.  Choose the expert trainers at Lighthouse, because without a defined sales process you are winning only half the battle.

When the owner is the salesperson, they can be reluctant to spend the time to get the process in writing.  I believe this is for two reasons. First, they would have to follow it, and second, they would have to enforce it with the people in the organization. To be successful, the owner would have to be congruent.  He or she would have to lead the way and enforce the process. Most sales people will look for ways to go around the system, causing problems for workers upstream and downstream, in order to make it easier for them.  What makes most salespeople excellent at sales can also makes them reluctant to follow systems.  But when the organization becomes more successful and profitable, everybody wins.

As a coach, I can work with you to create accountably in the organization, show you how to develop the process and work with you on implementation. We are the most effective coaching organization in New England. Take the opportunity to work with us by giving us a call and getting started today.  It will be the best decision you ever made. We can only work with a few new clients at a time, therefore call Lighthouse Strategic Partners and be the first to document your sales process today.

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