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Hiring Painlessly

Hiring Painlessly

Hiring Painlessly

What is the first thing you do when you look for a new hire?

Talk to people you know? Someone is always eager to tell you about their brother-in-law’s cousin that is out of work, or their son who could really use a job.   Or maybe you hire the first person that walks through the door that seems pretty decent.  We deserve the people we get.

So here is an attempt at a process that works better than hiring your aunt’s neighbor that was just let go from her other job.

  1. Have a hiring process and stick to it!
  2. Have a position description and a culture statement.
  3. Establish a personality profile that the job requires.
  4. Advertise where your target candidate hangs out and in the ad, make sure you use words that would attract the personality profile the job requires.
  5. Screen by phone first
  6. Bring in several prospects at the same time if the position would allow this. Part of the reason we avoid the hiring process is that it takes so much time.  Group interviews to weed out the candidates saves lots of time while you are narrowing down your search. Then have individual interviews when you narrow your candidates.
  7. Listen during the individual interviews and ask questions that reveal the experience and the capabilities of the candidate.  Questions like “what experience have you had in…what would you do if…why do you think you would be the perfect candidate for the job…what would you bring to the position?  Avoid talking…this is the time for you to get as much information about the candidate.
  8. Narrow it down to a few good candidates
  9. Give the final candidates a personality profile and job matching assessment (some cost as little as $25 and some are more detailed and revealing for $200+) There are different rules for different States so make sure you know what your State allows as pre hiring evaluations.
  10. Check references but know that they can only give certain information.
  11. Give the candidate a test drive by asking them to come in and work a couple hours prior to hiring as part of their interview. There is nothing worse than assuming someone has computer skills because is says so on their resume, and they end up being a two-finger keyboarder!
  12. Finally, when hiring them, put them on a 90 day probationary period.  It will be enough time to test the waters without a long -term commitment.
  13. Have an employee manual to go through and sign that they have read and understand your rules and culture…but that is a whole new ball of wax.  Training and ongoing training is food for another blog.

There is your process.  I dare you to use it!  Call Lighthouse Strategic Partners to help you develop and follow your Hiring Process!  508-946-2655

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