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How open are you to improvement?

It is very challenging to run a business in our current economic environment. Most businesses, even the best, those run most profitably, and those that are long-lived, have issues that could be improved.

Within the context of coaching, I believe every business could benefit by having a coach or a business advisor. One benefit is to get an outside perspective, another is to help create a culture of accountability.

The level of openness and ability to communicate is imperative to a high performing coaching engagement. The purpose of coaching is to facilitate immediate improvement in the performance of the company.  Just remember a business doesn’t change until the business owner does.

Many business owners know what they don’t know. They feel that they have been in business and have survived without outside help. Sometimes it comes down to a reluctance to sharing apparent challenges because it may reveal an area of weakness.  Sometimes the point is that the business owner doesn’t know what he doesn’t know and discovering that is imperative to improvement in the business.

Not everyone is coachable.  For example, it is challenging and sometimes impossible to coach your spouse or your kids. Unless you get permission, people may not be open to coaching, so it is important to work with people who are ready, and open to improvement to their lives and their business.

What can coaching bring to your business?  Often it is reenergizing, brings clarity in strategic planning and goal setting, and provides a vast variety of tools to bring structure and systems into the business.  You can compare coaching a business to taking a car that is driving in the dark without head lights, with worn tires, and needing a tune up without a destination and putting the high beams on with brand new tires a tune-up and a map to outline exactly where you are going.

So if you are open to improvement, are interested in making more money, and would like to find ways to give you more free time, then a coaching relationship is something that would benefit you today and bring more life and enthusiasm into everything you do!

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