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Seven Concepts to Help You Succeed in Your Business and Life

Seven Concepts to Help You Succeed in Your Business and Life

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting an 8 minute presentation to our Business Networking International Chapter, Old Colony with my cohort, Noreen Bechade of “Healthy Vibes” in Plymouth.  I thought you might enjoy the notes from the list of concepts that we covered in our presentation.  We found that as coaches; me, a business coach and she, a nutrition and fitness coach, had the same concepts in our every day life that lead to our clients’ success.  Here they are:

  1. Why – What is your “why” when it comes to your business?  Why are you in business in the first place?  What is the passion that keeps you going when times are challenging?  Is it beyond the benefit of $$? If you know your “why”, it should be shared with your clients or customers.
  2. Commitment – What is your level of commitment to your business and your “why”?  As in the movie “Karate Kid” Mr. Miyagi recites to the Karate Kid, that “karate is like walking down a road.  Walk on left side, safe.  Walk on right side, safe.  Walk in middle and get squished like grape”.
  3. Listening – We learn very little by talking.  To truly hear our clients we need to practice active inquiry…listening beyond the words and asking questions that bring out answers that reveal the challenges.  Sometimes it is asking “why” several times before the real answers appear.
  4. Consistency and the compound effect.  It is the small, consistent things we do every day that add up to extraordinary changes. There are 5 controllable areas of your business that when increased by 10% will increase your bottom line by 61%!  If you don’t believe me, call me and I will explain!
  5. FEAR – This causes us to imagine the worst and paralyze us from moving forward, like a deer in the headlights, we are frozen. We like to say that “F-E-A-R” is False Expectations Appearing Real”.  This also goes back to the consistent things we do every day.  If you need to market your business, and you are doing the things you need to do every day on a consistent basis, then business will happen.  Keep moving…
  6. “Who we are” X “What we do” = “What we Have”.  It is a formula.  If you want different results, you need to do things differently and chances are, you need to look at who you are, what your thoughts are, and be someone different.   This is the most challenging and rewarding part of working on your business, as it is really, working on “you”.
  7. Accountablilty –  Business owners generally do not like to be held accountable.  It is probably the reason why they are in business for themselves, because they can do it better than the “maniac” that was their former boss.  With accountability, a business can move forward much quicker, with less pain!  Who can hold you accountable? Have you considered hiring a business coach?

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