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Guerrilla Marketing is Not Just Advertising

Guerrilla Marketing is Not Just Advertising

Valerie Glynn June 24, 2014

At our last 90 day planning day we concentrated on creating marketing strategies that followed the ideology of “Guerrilla Marketing” *

“Guerrilla Marketing” strategies are defined as simple, easy to implement, out of the box thinking that keeps in mind the customer’s whole experience with your business or service. That would make a business owner identify and scrutinize every contact point or “touch” that your prospective and present customers have with you and your business.

Most of us are too afraid or don’t take the time to approach that level of detail.  But “Guerrilla Marketing” is just that…looking at the details.  That includes understanding that marketing is every contact you have with your customer.  Advertising is marketing, but marketing is also the level of neatness in your company, company attitudes, company culture as well as who you hire and train to represent you (YOUR EMPLOYEES!).

A happy workplace is positively infectious to your customers, unfortunately, an unhappy workplace is infectious in the negative sense.

Pick up Guerrilla Marketing: Remix by Jay Conrad Levinson and Jeannie Levinson for some fresh ideas and good common sense. Jay Conrad Levinson left this earth October 2013, but his genius lives on.


*Guerrilla Marketing: Jay Conrad Levinson, Houghton Mifflin, 1983.

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