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Leadership …is it an acquired skill that is developed over time like fine wine, or is it something that you are naturally born with?

Who knows the answer to that, but I do know that leadership skills can be developed through proper training. There are a lot of leadership programs out there, but most are generic and are all about theory. What if there was a program that guaranteed real results for real managers that can be quantified and are specific to the job that manager does?

Strong leadership entails a multitude of skills and talents that are hard to translate to “up and comers” in your organization. Often we promote from within and hope that our future leaders will emerge from on-the-job-training, management supervision, or by the seat of their pants. Some companies will send their managers to either a two-day seminar or even a week-long training which is normally forgotten in a few weeks, and very little is translated into job performance. First we all lose or forget much of what we learn at seminars, and second, what we learn may not be practical to implement in our own jobs when we get back to work. When this happens a few times, employees begin to look at any training as just a waste of time and resent being asked to go to the next program.

At Lighthouse Strategic Partners we have worked with our clients to provide real world, business focused tools to implement in your place of work to get extraordinary results that are repeatable and that dovetail well specifically with your organizations goals.

If you are looking to develop your company’s leaders of the future, or know of companies who do, please have them contact us so that we can explain how this program works and why it will make a difference in their lives. Call Kevin Glynn at Lighthouse Strategic Partners at 508-946-2655.

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