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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional  Intelligence 

Author, Kevin Glynn

When considering my perfect client the other day I realized that there was something missing on my list as I evaluated the people I work with. I normally look at the size of business, number of employees, if they have children, what kind of house they live in, what kind of car they drive, or where they go to school, to name a few. 

What I failed to recognize is that my favorite clients are confident, ethical, accountable, and happy. They are people who pay their bills, live up to their commitments, and enjoy life. They have a good sense of humor, a vision of the future, respect for others, look forward to coaching, love to learn and be challenged, and are successful. Highly educated people or people who value education are easier to work with, and usually see results faster than people who don’t. 

Some business owners are all of these things and are fun to work with, others are frustrated with life and blame people around them for their lack of success. 

Even successful business owners can be a challenge if they can’t put their emotions aside, or even better, learn to be happier people and excite the people around them. I have worked with both types of people and with the proper controls in place, the happier business owners get much more from their teams and live a better life. 

An outside advisor can be helpful in helping companies and executives perform at a higher level. 

If, as a business owner, you can learn to work more effectively with the people around you, you will see greater returns from direct reports, enjoy and have more fun at work.   Think about  “emotional intelligence” and how it affects those around you and how, with a small modification to behaviors, you can drive a significant improvement to your bottom line.

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