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Assessing Employees

Assessing Employees

 Assessing Employees

picture of job interviewDo you ever wonder why you may have issues with your employees? Do you ever say, “I have trouble getting my employees to do what I want”?  In a business it’s important to get “the right people on the bus”. Assessing employees’ strengths and weaknesses is one way to do exactly that.

Use a Profile Tool

An excellent method for assessing employees is through a profile tool to gain quantitative insights into how they work. The tool we use is the Profile XT which gives us an understanding of the whole person.

It works with new and exisiting employees

Profiles can be used with current employees to evaluate how their skills match the position they are in. It also provides management tools and ideas on areas where there are opportunities to improve.

Profiles are especially valuable when hiring new employees

Profiling is also a solid tool to use when hiring new employees. Since it costs so much to assessing employeeshire a new employee, doesn’t it make sense to invest a little to get the right person? Hiring is like a three legged stool. One leg should be the resume which is the historical account of the prospect’s work experiences. The second is the interview, which gives you a reading on first impression, communication skills, and their ability to interact and think on their feet. The third leg in assessing employees is more quantitative in that the profile measures thinking styles, energy levels, motivation and manageability to name a few. The resume opens the door, the interview provides personal insight, but when assessing employees for particular positions, the profile provides a more scientific and less assessing employees“hunch” driven means for making the right decision. Consider the time and money wasted when, after a few months, the “perfect candidate” turns out to be far less than perfect. In most instances the profile will be able to identify the potential problems before the hiring takes place. For example, if you had a job opening for an Auditor, when all else is equal, would you hire the one that tests as being detail oriented, systematic and cautious or the one that doesn’t care for details or rules, and like to be reckless? Both could have wonderful resumes, both could “interview well and say all the right things”, but very few can fool the profile!

Analyze, Interview and Assess

If you analyze resumes, interview carefully and are assessing employees with a profile tool, your success rate for hiring excellent, retainable employees should increase dramatically, up to three times higher!

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