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Lighthouse Business Owner Boot Camp

If growing your business is challenging or you want to fine-tune your business, this two day workshop provides easy-to-understand business fundamentals and concepts, and hundreds of readily available strategies that will help you to achieve your business goals! Attend our 2 day educational seminar that will show you the things you need to focus on to make your business successful. Meet other business owners who have similar challenges and learn from a Lighthouse coach who owns a business just like you do.

  1. Learn how to achieve financial control of your business
  2. Receive useful tools to help you mange yourself…Time management
  3. Do you have a Vision & a Mission?  If you do, is it time to reassess it?  If you do not, take the time to set it into writing!
  4. Learn how to set your Goals and make them a reality
  5. Find the key focus to Marketing and Sales success
  6. Learn how Systemize your business and have more time to humanize when it comes to your team and your customers
  7. Learn a full-proof system to hire the right team members, train them and keep them!

Call us to find out when another Business Owner Boot Camp is starting! 508-946-2655.

Held at the Lighthouse Office
9 Clayton Rd
Middleboro, MA





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