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Business 101 Toolkit

The online Business Toolkit is intended for people who want to improve their focus, make the best use of their time, grow their business and improve their profits to their full potential.

The Small Business 101 Toolkit
The Small Business 101 Toolkit is a 16 week program of 8 modules. Each new module represents a critical components to create a strong base for your company.  Simply complete each session as guided by your coach (me). A new session will be available to you every two weeks. After signing up and registering your account, your coach will contact you for your live coaching webinar to determine the challenges, opportunities, and needs of your business as it is now. During this live coaching call, the coaching process is explained and how to get the most out of coaching.

Within the first week, you will receive your first online session. The following outlines the sessions:

Aligning the goals of your business
Setting your Vision
Setting your Mission
Getting control of your time
Understanding your finances
Creating a high performance team
Creating a unique selling proposition
Developing a powerful guarantee


One-time fee $497


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