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Does the Culture of your Organization influence your business’ profits ?
ABSOLUTELY! Don’t believe it?

What if all your employees were committed to the below written statement of your business culture?

“I am committed to the Vision, Mission, Goals, Rules and Success of (fill in your business name here)

I accept that I am truly responsible for my actions and results and own the outcomes that take place in my work and my life.

What I promise, I deliver. Likewise, I never promise what I know I cannot deliver.

Good isn’t good enough. I will always deliver products or services that are exceptional and that add value to the customer experience. I will always look for ways to improve and continue to improve through innovation.

I am willing to learn from my mistakes.

I am dedicated to our team goals and will focus on cooperation and resolution.

I see life as a journey to be fulfilling and enjoyable and will help to create a positive atmosphere so that all those around us will enjoy the journey as well.

I know that if the team is positive and upbeat, we will be more attractive to our  customers as well as attracting competent and capable individuals to our team!

I will always look for a system solution first in challenges that arise at work, rather than a people solution.

I am consistent in my actions so our clients develop a trust in working with us.

I am a grateful person. I say thank you, and show appreciation to our customers, employees, and vendors. I celebrate wins and catch others doing things right.”


I could continue with more, but you get the idea. With exceptional people and those exceptional people working together to improve your systems and work environment at all times, it would directly affect your company’s bottom line profit. If you still are not convinced,  give us a call today at Lighthouse Strategic Partners 508-946-2655 to help with Personnel Profiles, One-on-one business coaching, team solutions, or have a complimentary business diagnostic with one of our Coaches.  Join us for our Quarterly Planning Day, January 11, 2019 from 12 Noon to 5pm and plan for a year of profit!

Valerie Glynn

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